Ammolytics is organizing the world's ammunition data

Ammolytics is a collaborative data-analysis platform, with the goal of improving the signal-to-noise ratio of information and ideas within the firearm and competitive marksmanship community.

Articles and Experiments

I take a scientific approach to reloading and marksmanship and share my results with the world. Check out my blog to read more about my research, experiments, and projects.

Open Source

I strongly believe in the power and benefits of Open Source software. To give back and strengthen the community, I've released the following as part of this commitment.


Ammolytics is proud to remain free of ads, corporate sponsorships, and paid promotions. Support from the community helps me to grow and purchase the components and equipment I need to continue my work. Learn more about the benefits of supporting me through Patreon. Your support keeps me going!

About the Founder

Eric is the founder of Ammolytics, dog lover, statistics nerd, coffee addict, and competitive marksman. He grew up in Ohio, just a few miles away from Camp Perry -- home to the National Rifle Matches, which contributed to his love of shooting sports at an early age.